Adult and Elder Services

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A Comprehensive Approach to Your Needs

  • Financial Maintenance
  • Asset Preservation
  • Planning Services
  • Complete Care

Our training and experience make us uniquely qualified to provide the services you need.

Financial Maintenance

We manage our clients' routine financial obligations and monitor their budgets to ensure their finances are kept in good order.

  • Manage expenses and pay bills
  • Prepare budgets and manage cash
  • Gather tax information and prepare returns
  • Manage health insurance benefits and claims

Asset Preservation

With our expertise in financial management, we work with our clients' attorneys and investment advisors to preserve and protect their assets. When needed, we also help indentify new advisors.

  • Asset protection strategies
  • Evaluate insurance options
  • Coordinate investment advice
  • Monitor investment and trust activity

Planning Services

We work closely with our clients to identify their goals, develop plans to achieve them and monitor their progress to make sure their wishes are fulfilled.

  • Financial, estate and tax planning
  • Medical directives and advocacy planning
  • Planning for home care and support services
  • Coordinate matters with attorneys and advisors

Complete Care

For some clients, we are entrusted to look after all of their needs. We customize a plan that ensures their needs are met and maintains their independence.

  • Manage household expenses
  • Hire and coordinate personal care
  • Periodic visits and reports to family
  • Arrange for geriatric care management